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First Timer Packages

Make your first day a great one with our cost effective First Timer package.

First timer package

This includes a beginner lift pass, rental equipment and a lesson. You learn the fundamentals – how your skis/board works, how to stand and slide etc.  It’s designed to get you up and going on your skis or board with a little help from one of our highly trained snowsports instructors.

Bookings are not required or taken. Please ensure that you arrive at Roundhill at least one hour before your intended lesson time so you have plenty of time to organise passes and fit rental equipment.

Our first timer package includes;

  • Learner Lift Pass
  • Rental equipment – Helmet, boots, Skis/Poles or Snowboard.
  • First timer’s 1 ½ hour lesson

Group lesson times: 10:30am & 1:30pm.

Minimum ages: The minimum age for a child to join a group ski lesson is 5 years and a group snowboard lesson is 8 years.

First timer packages are only for people who have never skied/snowboard before and can not be upgraded to an all lift pass.

Please see First Timers for additional information if this is your first trip to a ski area.

First Timer Packages
Adult (18 years and over)$155
Child (17 years and under)$99

Age definitions:

  • Adult: 18 years and over.
  • Child: 17 years and under.

First Timers

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