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30cm 02/07/2024
14/07/2024 at 5.30am

Lift Passes 2024

If you're not sure about which lift pass to purchase? Our friendly team can assist. Come on up, our office and cafe open at 8:30am, and our main lifts are spinning from 9am to 4pm.

All Lifts 

Access to all open terrain and use of all lifts including the Heritage Express Rope Tow (if applicable).  Afternoon all lifts passes may be purchased from 12:15pm.

All Lifts PassesAll DayAfternoon

Learner Lifts

Access to our fantastic learners’ area and use of the learners’ rope tows and platter lift.  If you’re feeling confident you can upgrade the beginner lifts pass to an all lifts pass at any time by paying the difference applicable at the time of purchase of your beginner lifts pass. Afternoon beginner lift passes may be purchased from 12:15pm.

Beginner Lifts PassesAll DayAfternoon

Age definitions:

  • Adult: 18-64 years.
  • Child: 6-17 years.
  • Senior: 65-74 years.
  • Children 5 years and under, and Seniors 75 years and over receive free day passes upon being sighted at the ticket office.

Afternoon rates apply after 12:15pm.

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