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Safety on the mountain at Roundhill is everyone's responsibility - watch out for yourself, your kids and for others. Our highly trained Ski Patrollers will keep an eye out for everyone. Please know and follow the Snow Responsibility Code. We recommend everyone wears a helmet.

Ski Patrol

Roundhill’s Ski Patrol team are qualified first aiders and experienced in all areas of snow safety.  They continually monitor snow-pack conditions and ensure that terrain is safe for our skiers.  A Ski Patroller is always positioned in the top hut of the T1 T-Bar and the office/first aid station is located at the base lodge.

Snow Responsibility Code

Know your limits:

Find your space:

Protect yourself:

Please adhere to our Snow Responsibility Code, this keeps our skiers and snowboarders safe on the mountain.

Ski/Ride in control at all times.  Know your ability, be able to stop and avoid people and objects.  Excessive speed is dangerous.

User accept all risk of injury, accident or property loss and understands that snowsports are hazardous and there are many hazards, marked, unmarked, man-made and natural within this area.

The pass holder agrees to abide by all Roundhill rules and regulations both expressed and implied. Misconduct in the opinion of management will result in revocation of this pass without refund.

People below you have the right of way.  When skiing/riding downhill traffic have the right of way, when moving across the hill, give way to those moving downhill.

When stopping on a trail, always stop where you can be seen from above and on the outside of the trail.  When starting downhill or entering a slope, give way to all above traffic.

Always use a spotter when jumping.  Jumping is not permitted onto trails, congested areas or slow zones.

Obey all ski area signage and stay out of closed areas

Observe ski area boundary closures.  Any lift or boundary closures will be indicated on the day on the website and at Guest Services. If you are not sure, please ask Guest Services, Lift Operators or the Ski Patrol team who will be out and about on the slopes.

Go slow when you’re in a slow zone.  Slow zones are indicated with bright signage. Please respect these areas by keeping your speed down.

Our lifts access terrain that suits different ability levels. Make sure you have the right lift pass to access the type of lift and terrain for your skiing/riding ability.

In the event of an injury/accident

Protect the patient by crossing your skis above the accident site.

Stay on the scene and get another skier to contact ski patrol – this can be done by asking any of our operational staff (lift operators) to radio for assistance.

Mountain Safety

Ski Areas have hazards, specific to alpine regions. The climate and snow conditions can change rapidly, so it’s important that everyone practices good snow and mountain safety when visiting ski areas. Please familiarise yourself with the following snow and mountain safety tips.



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